Park Direct UK Ltd outside Ealing Broadway Train Station

-- Have you received a dodgy invoice from PARK DIRECT UK Ltd through the post? --

This is NOT a 'fine' OR a 'ticket'. It is just a company INVOICE and an attempt to make you feel guilty and stressed enough to pay a totally unreasonable and unenforceable request for money, when in fact you have done nothing wrong.

I believe in parking responsibly and paying an appropriate penalty if you do not. However, Park Direct's invoice amounts are ridiculous and their tactics are outrageous, if not illegal.
As a result, I created this website in response to the parking scam that was operating outside Ealing Broadway railway station, but it is also applicable to all other sites operated by this dodgy company. Hopefully this website will save innocent new victims from hours of time and stress.

So long as you didn't leave your car parked at the Ealing Broadway location for more than 30 mintes, the simple answer as to what to do is:

It seems that Park Direct's dodgy activities have finally got them kicked out of the BPA. Unfortunately this means that you can no longer use Popla as an appeals service and will have to use the IAS instead. I am looking into this... however, everything remains the same in that there is no grounds to pay their ridiculous invoices if you have only stopped there for a few minutes (or in many cases not at all for other reasons, regardless of any signage).

Recently several people have reported receiving letters from Park Direct or Debt Recovery Plus making reference to a court case that was actually won by a PPC back in November 2015. There is no need to worry about this. One case won by a PROFESSIONAL PPC in a LEGITIMATE case does not mean that Park Direct will suddenly start taking people to court. Their evidence is non-existent, their competence is negligible and some non-authenticated mobile phone photos of a car just a minute or so apart will never hold up in court. These people are just jumping on this one case as a new way to scare people, but remember - there are 2 million PPC invoices issued every year, so shouting about one win does not mean PD will suddenly decide yours is the most secure case to take to court. The win rate of PPC invoices in court is STILL only 25 per year out of 2 million! Park Direct can only lose, as any court case will prove they cannot win and their game will be up, which is why they have NEVER taken anyone to court. Any court case examples given will be related to OTHER PPCs in FAIR and relatively CLEAR CUT situations.

Park Direct also operate several other private parking operations in London. Most if not all are just as unreasonable and dishonest as this. However, the same principle applies to ALL private parking invoices - the private parking company is ONLY entitled to an amount of money from you equal to any PROVEN financial loss you caused the landlord. A one minute (or even 15 minute) visit does NOT therefore justify a £60+ invoice and will never be enforced by the courts. Read on to find out what to do. Other sites I am aware of include: Uxbridge (outside Subway amd Active4Less), Docklands (Pan Peninsular building), Canary Wharf, Southgate (residential flats parking) and Brentford.

Park Direct will NEVER take you to court. I am so confident in this that I promise:

If ANYONE, ever receives a court summons from Park Direct UK for this Ealing Broadway site, I will come to court with you, write your defence, and beat these people.
Even more so....IF you stopped at this site for less than 15 minutes,
AND you do not admit liability to Park Direct UK Ltd in any correspondence you have with them

Why am I willing to do this:

Even if your invoice is for a different site, I will still try to help as much as I can.


If you have had the misfortune to drive to Ealing Broadway station it is possible that you may be sent an invoice for 'parking' in the post by a 'Private Parking Company'(PPC) called Park Direct UK Ltd (hereafter called Park Direct or PD). Please note that these are NOT fines, they are speculative invoices, albeit with a threatening manner. Here is a summary of what to do about it:

When it is best to pay up:

When it is better not to pay:

What To Do (if you choose not to pay) - SIMPLE VERSION

This is my simplified summary of what to do (for full details, see the 'What To Do' page and the rest of the site). My advice is:

Are you sure that I won't be taken to court?

The consumer forum Pepipoo reported that:

  • For the year 2012, 1.8 million private parking tickets were issued.
  • Of these, only 49 went to a full court hearing.
  • Of those, the PPC only won in 50% of the cases.

    There are two very important things to realise about these figures:

    1. The numbers show that your AVERAGE chance of being taken to court and losing for a PPC invoice is LESS THAN 0.002%. So on average, you would need to get 72,000 invoices before one was lost in court. So, your them all at a cost of £7,200,000 or don't pay any of the invoices and pay one in court for £120 including costs.....
    2. Even more significantly, the PPCs ONLY EVER take cases to court that they are totally sure of winning just to prove a point. And even half of those they lost. So, given the location and setup of this scam outside Ealing Broadway station, and the unprofessional way Park Direct operate, they would NEVER risk a court hearing. So your odds are actually a real life 'sure thing'.

Discrimination Against the Disabled

Park Direct are even more disgraceful (if that is possible) in their actions against disabled drivers. Park Direct park their patrol vehicle in the disabled bay provided by the train station so that disabled drivers have to park in the bays they patrol. Since disabled drivers are even more likely to need to stop for short periods of time, as near to the station as possible, they are particularly targeted and blue badges are not applicable on private land (so please don't try and use this as a reason in your appeal - it is probably best not to mention your disability at all in your appeal as it tells them who the driver was). As a result, Park Direct Ltd make extra efforts to target disabled people. This is the kind of company you are dealing with.


For future reference - it is my understanding that the double yellow lines outside the station (by that I mean the lines on the left as you drive in, on the kerb nearest the station) are placed there by the railway company. Even the advice from the station and Ealing Council is that these are there to stop people parking here, but you are perfectly entitled to stop and drop people off etc (See links page for reference). They are not double red lines which would indicate no stopping either. So that area can be used for drop-offs without having to use the Park Direct patrolled bays.

For more details, please have a look round this site and leave your comments if you have any. In particular you will probably be most interested in the:

  • Guestbook - please sign to help give weight to our campaign
  • What To Do page - How to deal with these people including template responses

If you are in any way still stressed and unsure then just read the rest of this website - it should hopefully convince you not to take these scammers seriously. Any suggestions about improvements to the site or any known progress in dealing with these scammers will also be gratefully received.

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